We believe that moving your body is essential to good health and emotional well-being, and we want to help facilitate that with as many people as we can!

We believe that just because people choose to live in smaller towns for a better quality of life does not mean that they want to drive to the “big city” to buy shoes or apparel that enhance their active lifestyle.

We believe in supporting our community and other small businesses by shopping local as much as possible, and that providing another quality shopping venue locally will benefit the area exponentially.

We believe that knowledgeable and friendly staff, combined with superior products with reasonable prices in a fun vibrant atmosphere is motivating to our customers and our employees.

Because of these beliefs, our goal at Running Bear Athletics is to provide high quality products for people who enjoy running and/or active living, and to inspire people who may have never tried exercising for health and enjoyment to a new lifestyle that connects them with health and happiness.

Currently our product line is focused primarily on running and walking, however, we plan to expand our offerings in the near future to cover several different sports that are popular here in Granbury and Glen Rose, such as biking and yoga.